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Tourna Grip Original XL (3-Pack)

Tourna Grip Original XL (3-Pack)

Tourna Grip RX

Tourna Grip RX

Tourna Rosin Bag

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A tradition bag package. Just slap against hands or grip to dispense rosin. Excellent in very humid conditions. Packaged in reusable, zip lock pouch. Endorsed by Pete Sampras.

Dry powder for sure grip. Endorsed by Pete Sampras.

The smaller Tourna Rosin Bag is used widely during tournaments and has also proven useful for gymnastics. Application is quick and simple, just apply the powder to your hands and/or onto the grip of your handle. Perfect for use in warmer climates where moisture from the body can become a performance issue. The bottle is pocket sized and can conveniently be kept close by at all times for use when necessary.

Tourna Rosin powder is also used by Gymnasts, weightlifters, rock climbers, Dancers, Boxers and more to list. Tourna Rosin Grip is a very popular and useful grip enhancing tool.