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Lucky in Love Summer Lovin' Mesh V Cami

Lucky in Love Summer Lovin' Mesh V Cami

RS Paris Octagon 1.20 220m String Reel

RS Paris Octagon 1.20 220m String Reel

RS Paris Octagon 1.25 220m String Reel

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The brand new RS Paris string is developed by Robin Söderling. This is the second string that Robin has spent a long time to develop for a perfect balance between spin and power.

The RS Paris is a bit stiffer than the RS Lyon, but still decent in terms of stiffness for being a poly string. The octagon profile makes the spin effect sensational. You will have a nice and crisp feel in your shots and the durability of the tension is also superior, just as the RS Lyon. The thinner 1.20mm version provides better comfort and spin potential.

"RS Paris Octagon is also a monofilament poly string. The difference with the RS Lyon is that the RS Paris is a bit stiffer and gives a more crisp feel for the players who prefer that. The string has an octagon profile that gives more spin effect. I have spent a long time on testing and I have also had several ATP World Tour - and WTA Tour players testing the RS Paris with great feedback. I am really satisfied with the result and that RS now has two great string alternatives, with a bit different play abilities so that we fit any high performing tennis player. I have made sure to test both the RS Lyon and RS Paris in a hybrid string job with natural gut and I am confident that they both are among the perfect polys to mix with natural gut", says Robin Söderling.

Material: Co-polymer Monofilament
Gauge: 16L / 1.25 mm
Length: 660 feet / 220 m
Color: Dark Silver