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Head Graphene 360+ Instinct MP

Head Graphene 360+ Instinct MP

Head Graphene Touch Instinct Adaptive Tuning Kit

SGD 59.00
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So you have already found the right racket for you in the Speed or Instinct but you would like to fine-tune it a little to get even more out of it? Then the Adaptive racket is the perfect solution for you! It comes with a pre-set 16/19 string pattern and in a standard length, but its true potential lies in its adaptability. You can use the Adaptive Tuning Kit to adapt the frame to your individual needs. The weight, balance, length and string pattern can all be personalized using the three additional grommet sets (heavy 16/19, heavy and light 16/16), three spacer rings, and one heavy end cap that clicks into position.

NOTE: This tuning kit is only compatible with the Head Graphene Touch Instinct Adaptive racket.

This Kit comes with:

3 Grommet Sets
Heavy 16/19 (0.18 oz /adds .5 grams)
Light 16/16 (same weight as stock specs) H
eavy 16/19 (0.18 oz /adds .5 grams)

3 Spacer Rings
+5mm (adds 0.2in / .51 cm)
+10mm (adds 0.4in / 1.0 cm)
+15mm (adds 0.6in / 1.5cm) 1 Butt Cap Insert Heavy (0.35 oz /+10 grams)